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Find your happy place at CirQuest!  With so many different classes for all ages in a huge variety of circus skills, you are sure to find the thing that makes your heart sing...  

Term 3 Bookings are now open! 


Clowning & Acting Masterclasses with Cirque Du Soleils
Andrii Lytvak!

6 Week course every Monday from the 15th July 5:30pm-7:30pm
$70per person per class


CirQuest Circus

is WA's premier circus training facility for all ages and levels, and for professional artists too.

Expert, highly-trained teachers

All our classes are taught by leading circus teachers with many years' experience teaching and training circus skills in reputable, prestigious circus schools in Australia and internationally.

Developmental focus

Our curriculum and our individualized approach is designed through collaboration between our teachers and occupational therapist Isobel Lyall to provide all our students with the just-right challenges for optimal learning.

Arts development

CirQuest is a leader in arts education in Australia, delivering innovative professional development and performance events, and creating new opportunities for WA artists to develop sustainable arts practice, innovate and flourish.

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Generous make-up policy

Any missed classes can be made up any time during the term by attending another class for the same age and level, so you'll get exactly what you sign up for even if you get sick or the car breaks down.

Social enterprise

CirQuest is a social enterprise program run by incorporated non-profit association, Disco Cantito Association (Inc), working to promote social inclusion for a more connected, cohesive community.  Our purpose is for people, not profits.

Responsive to our members

CirQuest is run for, with and by our members.  We are always ready to listen and respond to suggestions from our members to develop and provide innovative opportunities to help our community thrive.

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Any questions? Check our FAQ!


"When my daughter started at CirQuest she was a shy child, but over time she built confidence physically and interpersonally thanks to the amazing staff running this program. Highly recommend Cirquest!"

—  -Catherine Ashe

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