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About CirQuest

Stiltwalking pre-show at April Fools' Show and Have a Go! at Perth City Farm 2016
What we teach

Circus includes a huge variety of different skills, using different apparatus in a wide range of ways.  We categorise circus skills under four types:

  • Acrobatics involve the rotation and movement of the whole body through space, and usually in contact with or with support from the ground.  Acrobatics skills include handstands, tumbling, acrobalance and contortion.

  • Aerials include trapeze, silks, rope, lyra (aerial ring) and other apparatus that are suspended off the ground

  • Object manipulations include apparatus that are moved by the hands and body, such as juggling, diabolo and hula hoops

  • Equilibristic and locomotion skills involve the balance of the body and linear movement.  Skills like riding a unicycle, stiltwalking, walking globe, and German Wheel fall under this category.

How we teach

At CirQuest, we believe circus is for every body.  We use a strengths-based approach and, because no two learners are the same, our teachers use many different kinds of instruction.  Our ongoing teacher development and mentorship ensures that our dedicated, passionate teachers are always refining their skills.  We celebrate the individual differences of all our students and help every CirQuest student to develop to their full potential.

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