Roving performance

Stiltwalking Characters
Carmen Extravaganzas 

These colourful dancers are the life of the party!


Buzz buzz!  These specatular costumes depict dragonflies manipulating blades of grass as stilts.

Australian Birds 

Sheila the Galah, Willy the Weiro, Major Mitchell, and Rusty the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo are colourful, verbose and garrulous, and are accompanied by the beautiful but unfortunate Polly the 28 who can only say one thing.  Much teasing results, eg.  "How many crackers did you eat for breakfast?"

Sole Sisters 

These boots were made for shaking on the dancefloor!

Ground-based roving acts
Inner Beauty Queens 

Miss Information, Miss Communication, Miss Understanding, Miss Fit and Miss Adventure will delight and amuse your guests with their quirky, loquacious wit and bring a touch of glamour to any event.  The Queens do cut ribbons, declare various things open, and work towards their collective dream of promoting world peace, and can MC events and carry out other official duties.


Did I just see a ninja?  Did anyone else see it too?  Acrobatic ninjas use their cunning and stealth to win the ultimate game of hide and seek.