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Circus workshops are perfect for a fun, engaging activity that builds collaboration skills and a supportive team culture.

Have a Go Circus basic skills 

Workshops include juggling, hula hoops, poi, spinning plates, staff twirling, diabolo and flower sticks.  One instructor can work with up to 20 participants.


Have a Go Circus with extra skills

Skills like acrobalance, stiltwalking, unicycle, rola bola and pedalo require a higher level of 1:1 instruction. so we recommend 2 teachers for 20 participants.


Have a Go with acrobatics, aerials and other amazing extras

Trampoline, tightwire, slackrope, German wheel, walking globe, trapeze, rope, silks, and lyra all require a large proportion of 1:1 assistance, so we recommend at least 3 teachers for 20 participants when these skills are included in a workshop for adult beginners.  Aerial rigging also involves additional costs for our installation of rigging in venues other than our own regular venues, and these are not included in the workshop fees.

Working Together Well

This workshop is more specifically focused on the interpersonal skills that can improve communication, collaboration and ultimately productivity.  In a highly individualistic, competitive culture, these interpersonal skills are often overlooked and this can be detrimental to the relationships between workers, and to communication with clients and customers.  Occupational therapist Isobel Lyall conducts this workshop in which circus, clowning/theatre games and other activities are used to specifically address and develop these skills.


Fees start from $200 for a workshop with one instructor.  Contact us now to find out more about booking CirQuest for your next team-building session.

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