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If you're interested in learning aerials, you're probably going to want to know how to improve your grip strength. 
Great news - you don't need to rush out and buy anything!  There are lots of things you can do every day using ordinary objects and activities to get your hands and wrists stronger.

We've made this handy list of 10 ways to strengthen your hands and wrists at home.  It's great for people who are learning handstands too!

This list is developed by our own occupational therapist, director Isobel Lyall, so you know it's sound advice based on functional movement principles.

These exercises are great for people who use their hands for work (and who doesn't?) to avoid injuries that come from repetitive movements, too. 


You may recognize some of them if you've ever had an injury and done rehabilitation exercises - the best injury prevention strategies are often the same ones we use to rehabilitate after an injury.

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Want to find out more about learning aerials or handstands with us?  Click here to see our classes.

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