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Disco Cantito Association (Inc)

Disco Cantito in Latin means "to learn, to play".  Disco Cantito Association (Inc) was founded in 2007 by Isobel Lyall and Dawn Pascoe, with the aim of developing and promoting the education and performance of the arts for, with and by the community.

The mission of Disco Cantito Association is to engage Western Australians in active participation in the arts, for the promotion of holistic wellbeing.  This purpose is predicated on the understanding that participation in meaningful, purposeful activity, and belonging to a group committed to a shared common goal, is beneficial for individuals' physical, mental and emotional health.

Our Board

Chairperson - Theaker von Ziarno

Contracting in international, community and corporate sectors as performer, curator, consultant and rigger, Theaker is an accomplished teacher and producer of art, circus and festival.  She considers herself to be a ‘midwife’ to the arts and has nurtured a diverse array of persons into their chosen creative fields.  Theaker von Ziarno pioneered aerial street performance and has staged fourteen independent European tours with her solo shows, Arty Ms and Minerva, and performs seasonally in the EU and the Middle East.  Theaker is Artistic Director and Producer of Gascoyne in May (2010-16) and  Artistic Director of Blues for the Bush in Perenjori, and was the Artistic Director for the Opening, Closing and Festival at the 2014 National Regional Arts Summit in Kalgoorlie in WA. 

Vice Chairperson - Paul Green

Paul is Head of Transition at All Saints’ College, and a long-term circus enthusiast.  He worked as the Performing Arts coordinator at Joondalup Schools for ten years, where he established an award-winning circus program in collaboration with Belridge Secondary College. Paul has worked with numerous visiting Circus and other Performing Arts professionals to produce and direct several Musical Circus based productions with children aged between 8 and 17. He acted as a committee advisor, at both state and national levels, in the development of the Australian Curriculum for the Arts which will be implemented into all schools across Australia in 2018.  Paul has a keen interest in providing engaging learning opportunities for children of all abilities and backgrounds and has completed a Master of Education through which he focused on using Circus and the Arts to improve engagement with learning in culturally diverse communities as well as gifted and talented learners. Paul spent two years working at Perth Modern School where he introduced a weekly circus program designed specifically for gifted students and is now working on the development of the brand new ‘Creative Industries’ program at All Saints’ College, using the Arts and Design to help students tackle the problems of the world.

Treasurer - Emma Gardiner

Emma works in a paralegal role at Legal Aid WA.  Emma has previously worked as an office manager within the same organization, responsible for team leadership and financial administration.  She is the mother of two young children.  She has been a Disco Cantito member since the organisation was formed in 2007 and teaches German Wheel classes in the CirQuest program.  

Secretary - Alyssa Curtayne

Alyssa is a teacher with 20 years experience, currently working in the English department at Canning Vale College. Alyssa started teaching circus in 2006 in Tasmania with Circ's'cool after she saw her children having way too much fun on the flying trapeze. On a round Australia trip she arrived in Broome and for two years taught circus with the Sandflies and also worked on the Dampier Peninsula for the outreach programme. Upon moving to Perth she joined CirQuest and loved the social circus inclusivity. Alyssa is Secretary of the Board of Disco Cantito and also teaches the awesome holiday programme. 

Paul Rados

Paul is the Director at Davey Real Estate Mt Hawthorn, and a former secondary school teacher.  He is the parent of CirQuest's student and emerging young aerialist Isabella.  Paul brings a keen business perspective to our board.

David Dyke

David has a daughter & son and now 6 grandchildren. David’s passion in volunteering for our community initially ignited when he launched into bob-a-job with air scouts in Kalgoorlie where he grew up. For the past 50 years David has been involved in groups to lift self-esteem & confidence of our youth and the self-awareness of adults. Over his time David has worked as Nightline Counsellor with Graham Mabury on Nightline at 6PR for 10 years, Co-leading self awareness groups with Institute Human Development for 15 years, Co-ordinating & Leading Outdoor Adventure Camps for Youth at Risk. Currently he is actively involved in Rite of Passage Camps for Boys to Young Men, Circle of Men in Aged Hostels, W.A. Men’s Gathering, Activ Recreation and Aboriginal Reconciliation. 

Bonnie Blewitt

Bonnie is a former circus instructor and performer with CirQuest, and a graduate of NICA in Melbourne where she achieved a BA(Circus).  Now studying to become a nutritionist, Bonnie continues to work with Disco Cantito Association, now as a member of the board.

Michael Speranza

Michael is a CirQuest instructor and performer, delighting audiences throughout Australia with his Pirateman shows. 

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