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Point your toes! Or flex them, whatever. Just do something with them that looks like you remember

I love how this aspect of technique in aerials and acrobatics has changed over the course of my career in circus. Awareness of your whole body, right down to your toes, is and always has been such an important part of the skill of trick-based circus training, and the intentionality of what your hands and feet are doing is a powerful tool in the kit of every physical performer.

Training your feet to point automatically is a practice thing, but also training your toe point is about building strength and endurance in the muscles in your feet so that they can hold for longer. And if you want those amazing to-die-for feet that make your legs look like they go on forever, you'll want to increase the flexibility in your ankles too.

By training your toes point, you'll also build strength in your ankles, which is a great way to reduce your risk of injury. It sounds dumb but, of all the things we do at CirQuest that have a risk of injury, the one that most often happens is the rolled ankle as you step off the crashmat!

I came across this video and I think it's great. These tips are bang on point (boom) and her feet are amazing, so I asked the creator if I could share it here! Thanks so much Ballettoes!

Here's the link:

Happy training!

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