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COVID Safety

COVID remains active in our community, and we remain very cautious and maintain high standards of cleanliness. We request that our clients continue to observe social distancing and personal hygiene to keep the vulnerable members of our community safe.

We've found that some of the aspects of our COVID response have improved our students' class experience, so we'll be keeping them up, such as:

  • We ask that you please not come to classes/training when you're unwell. Our makeup policy means you can makeup for any missed lessons.

  • Please wear a mask when recovering or unsure.

  • We're providing more aerial equipment so that each student has more time on the equipment

  • Keeping our venue well ventilated, by using our extractor fan

  • Asking all students to book online and pay fees in advance, so that our teachers can focus on their classes

  • All students washing hands on arrival, and washing or sanitising hands and all other areas of skin that contact shared equipment again before use, which keeps our equipment nice and clean

  • Students bringing only what you need with you, keeping your belongings in your own cubby, and taking them all with you when you leave, has reduced the amount of lost property enormously!

  • Students arriving on time for class and being picked up on time, not early or late, has reduced parking congestion and helped us keep our space tidy

  • Everyone has done a great job of bringing your own water bottle and taking them home, which has reduced the amount of cleaning and washing-up

  • Our teachers have had the least amount of colds and flu ever since our students have been so vigilant about staying away if they are unwell.  Thank you so much!

We continue to seek and follow Health Department instructions regarding best practice.

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