COVID Safety

What we are doing to ensure our CirQuest HQ is a safe place:

  • Ensuring that no more than 20 people attend the HQ at once

  • Ensuring that there is a minimum of 4sqm per person at all times

  • Ensuring everyone keeps a distance of 1.5m between people at all times

  • Class sizes are reduced to 6 students to help us to manage social distance and cleaning 

  • Increasing our cleaning regimen

  • All touched objects and surfaces are cleaned as frequently as possible

  • Minimising use of shared equipment as much as possible, and cleaning/disinfecting shared equipment between each participant

  • Teaching kids how to maintain social distance using circus activities

  • Making sure our attendance documentation is complete so that in the event of an exposure, we can contact everyone

  • Restricting class numbers to a maximum of 6 participants

  • Keeping our venue well ventilated, by opening up our roller door

  • Reviewing our evacuation plan and first-aid procedures to ensure that in the event of an incident, the risk of cross-infection is minimised

  • Making sure our staff are supported to stay home if unwell, and get a COVID test if indicated

  • Ensuring that we will seek and follow Health Department instructions in the event of exposure to a case, or suspected case, of COVID-19

We are dedicated to providing our participants, teachers and our community safe.  You can help us do this by:

  • Booking in for your class and making your payment online as far in advance as you can (to help us to manage numbers)

  • Staying home if you feel unwell, if a member of your household is unwell, or have any symptoms of a respiratory illness (please make use of our makeup policy!)

  • Staying outside if you're dropping someone off or picking them up.  Please don't come inside.

  • Washing your hands (or ensuring your kids wash their hands) at the handwashing station at the entrance

  • Ensuring you bring only what you need with you, keep your belongings in your own cubby, and take them all with you when you leave

  • Keeping 1.5m apart from everyone all the time you are at our venue

  • Making sure we have the correct information for who to contact in the event of an emergency

  • Arriving on time for your class.  If you are early, please wait outside.

  • Picking your kids up or leaving on time

  • Not touching your face, personal possessions, or any surfaces or equipment you don't need to

  • Not bringing food to the venue

  • Bringing your own water bottle and filling it up at home first

  • Washing your hands each time you have a drink or go to the bathroom

  • Notifying us immediately if you suspect that you or a member of your household may have been exposed to COVID-19

If you, or a member of your household, is at greater risk of complications or poor outcome if exposed to COVID-19, or of requiring first aid for a pre-existing medical condition, please consider carefully if it is the right time to start group circus classes.  We are taking all the steps we can to make our classes safe but we cannot eliminate the risk completely.  If you are not ready for group circus classes yet, please consider our online classes.

CirQuest HQ:  17 Howlett St, North Perth WA 6006


Ph:  0408 626 941

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Weekly classes also at these venues in the community:

Darlington Hall, Owen Rd, Darlington

Wanneroo Recreation Centre, Wanneroo

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