Adults' circus classes

When we were kids, we couldn't wait to move.  We jumped on the trampoline all day, climbed trees, and swung on the swings until adults told us we had to stop. 

We didn't do it because it was good for us, but because moving brought us sheer delight.   In motion was how we were most ourselves, present  and connected.

At CirQuest, we train circus because it feels like that again.  Circus makes us happy.

6-week courses start Monday 13th April (Easter Monday)

You'll love the convenience of our 6-week online courses!  Our classes are conducted using Zoom meetings, and to protect your privacy and online safety, we'll email you the links each week.  We'll also record the class and email you a link to watch the recording, so you don't need to worry about missing a class, and you can do the class again as often as you like!

When you book for a 6-week course you'll see the benefits of training regularly with more rapid improvements.  We also offer drop-in classes so you can book for drop-in classes any time during the course.

Our online class timetable:

CircusFit Conditioning @ Home

If you are ready to start your circus journey, this is the very best place to begin.  You'll find your core strength improves every time you come, partly because you'll be working your abs from so much laughing.  Aerial conditioning for upper body strength, handstands, and cardio are all included in a safe, individualized progression, interspersed with skills like hula hoops, acrobatics and juggling.


Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.00-8.00pm (choose one!)

Fees:  $120 for 6-week course (one class a week), $108 members, $25 drop-in

Stretching and Pilates @ Home

This is a gently stretching and core conditioning class with accredited Pilates instructor, Natalia Rudman.  Suitable for absolute beginners who would like to involve some gentle exercise to improve joint mobility and core strength, which are excellent back care and pain management strategies.  


Mondays 5.00-6.00pm, Wednesdays and Fridays 7.30-8.30am (choose one!)

Fees:  $120 for 6-week course (one class a week), $108 members, $25 drop-in

Juggling and object manipulations

Juggling is a perfect activity for your brain as well as your body while you stay at home!  This classs is suitable for beginners and proficient jugglers alike, as Jethro is adept at grading activities to suit the needs of each individual.

Mondays 7.00-8.00pm

Fees:  $120 for 6-week course ($108 members), $25 drop-in

Clowning and Puppetry @ Home

Join CirQuest's resident pirate, Michael Speranza, as we explore principles of clowning, holding and keeping focus of the audience, following our impulses and even looking at some basic principles of puppetry. Clowning isn’t just for the young, so sign up for a "fool" on serious time!

Wednesdays 5.00-6.00pm

Fees:  $120 for 6-week course ($108 members), $25 drop-in

Flow Arts @ Home

Begin an amazing journey of the art of flow. Learn how to spin and manipulate staff and poi in the comfort of your own garden (you will need to be outside to avoid any unnecessary damage to your house). Instructions for making your own staff and poi are included in the course.  Concepts of planes, timing and beats will  “prop-pare” you for continued learning.  

Thursdays 5.00-6.00pm

Fees:  $120 for 6-week course ($108 members), $25 drop-in

Hoops @ Home

This is a fun way to get your cardio, but also offers skills ranging up to advanced, professional performance level, including tricks on the body, twirling-style hand manipulations, multiple hoop separations, and tricks drawn from twirling/flow arts.  Taught by CirQuest director Isobel Lyall, whose previous career was internationally touring her street show, the Super Hooper.

Thursdays 5.00-6.00pm

Fees:  $120 for 6-week course ($108 members), $25 drop-in

Acro @ Home

This acrobatics class for adults, beginners and experienced students alike is taught by Nathan Kell (Circus Oz) and includes hard floor tumbling, acrobatics and movement skills drawing on Nathan's diverse skills in martial arts and other movement disciplines..  This class is suitable for beginners with good fitness and flexibility.  If that's not you, we recommend you do at least one CircusFit course before enrolling in this class.

Wednesdays 6.00-7.00pm


Fees:  $120 for 6-week course ($108 members), $25 drop-in

Handstands @ Home

Get some serious upside-down time into your week with ex-Circus Oz acrobat Nathan Kell.  Handstands may sound easy, but hand balancing is very demanding!  We recommend that absolute beginners do at least one CircusFit course before enrolling in this class.

Wednesdays 7.15-8.15pm

Fees:  $120 for 6-week course ($108 members), $25 drop-in

Get Bendy @ Home

Take your flexibility to the next level with Natalia.  This class includes core conditioning for safe, sustainable practice, with exercises tailored to individuals' goals and needs.  Suitable for intermediate-advanced students who already have a high level of fitness, postural stability, core strength and flexibility, this class will take you to the next level.  If you are not sure if this class is suitable for you, please email us to check.

Tuesdays 6.00-7.00pm

Fees:  $120 for 6-week course ($108 members), $25 drop-in

Hard Core Conditioning @ Home

If you've got some serious goals, you're going to need some serious abs, and Simon Wood's legendary warm-up and conditioning will get you there.  Building core strength enables more ease and flow in your other muscle groups for more effortless and graceful movement required for aerials and acrobatics training at the more advanced levels. This class is designed for intermediate-advanced aerials students with a high level of fitness.  If you're not sure if it's suitable for you, send us an email to check.

Mondays 6.00-7.00pm

Fees:  $120 for 6-week course ($108 members), $25 drop-in

Got a question?  Get in touch!

CirQuest HQ:  17 Howlett St, North Perth WA 6006


Ph:  0408 626 941

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Weekly classes also at these venues in the community:

Darlington Hall, Owen Rd, Darlington

Wanneroo Recreation Centre, Wanneroo

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